MagicMud, naturally awesome!

We love to get our hands dirty! But when it came to getting them clean, there was never a natural hand cleaner grunty enough to clean those really dirty hands! Whether you have garden hands, fisher hands, handy hands, mum hands, kid hands or just hard-working hands and you want to clean your dirty hands - Magic Mud’s the go!

History in the making

Around 25,000 years ago in the Rotorua district of New Zealand, intense volcanic activity generated huge ash showers that washed and eroded into lakes forming sediment beds.

Subsequent sub-surface thermal activity forced hot water up through these beds transforming the clays into soft rock minerals called Soft Zeolites.

Fault lines then formed, draining the lakes and exposing the Soft Zeolite deposits. This Soft Zeolite is mined and processed to create MagicMud Active Mineral Cleansers.

How it works

There is almost no limit to the uses for MagicMud. Check out some of them here 

This naturally awesome hand cleaner in a tube is a convenient, no mess solution for all your hand cleaning needs.  It's also amazing for cleaning BBQs and other surfaces. 

MagicMud is a must for the car glovebox, the boat, the caravan or camping trip. All you need is MagicMud and some water (fresh or salt water is fine) and you'll have clean and fresh hands wherever you go.



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