The many ways to use MagicMud

There's almost no limit to the uses for MagicMud.  This naturally awesome hand cleaner in a tube is a convenient, no mess solution for all your hand cleaning needs.  It's also amazing for cleaning BBQs and other surfaces. 

MagicMud is a must for the car glovebox, the boat, the caravan or camping trip. All you need is MagicMud and some water (fresh or salt water is fine) and you'll have clean and fresh hands wherever you go. 

Check out some of the different uses below!



Fishing can be a little messy and smelly! This is where MagicMud works wonders removing grime and smells off your hands. MagicMud can be used in both salt or freMagicMud Fishing Handssh water and will get your hands feeling and smelling great! It is 100% natural so it's safe to be used to get your bait board nice and clean too! MagicMud comes in an easy to store tube and is a must for keen outdoors hands. 

Did we mention it's also great for camping, cycling, really anywhere outdoors where you need a Naturally Awesome Hand Cleaner!!



We love our DIY!! And as a result, we really getMagicMud DIY Hands our hands grubby! Whether you're painting the house, doing a little tiling or gluing that dodgy chair, MagicMud can remove all the dirt and grime from your hands, making them feel clean and fresh, just like your new renovations!



We love Gardening is a national pastime and there's nothing better than getting the lawnmower out on a Saturday morning and making your lawns look great, or getting in the veggie garden and doing a little weeding!

MagicMud Garden Hands

After your day in the garden, MagicMud is 100% natural and is a perfect hand cleaner to remove grass stains, dirt and can even safely remove chemicals from your hands, leaving them clean and fresh!



Kids are great but the mess they make is not so great. Thank goodness for MagicMud, that can safely remove paint, felt pen or really anything the little darlings get on their hands or body! MagicMud is 100% natural aMagicMud Paint Handsnd is safe to use on the wee ones. No more worrying about nasty chemicals to get them out of those messy situations. Keep a tube handy for arts and crafts time!



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