How MagicMud works

History in the making!

Around 25,000 years ago in the Rotorua district of New Zealand, intense volcanic activity generated huge ash showers that washed and eroded into lakes forming sediment beds.

Subsequent sub-surface thermal activity forced hot water up through these beds transforming the clays into soft rock minerals called Soft Zeolites.

Fault lines then formed, draining the lakes and exposing the Soft Zeolite deposits. This Soft Zeolite is mined and processed to create MagicMud Active Mineral Cleansers.

How it works

Soft Zeolite in MagicMud has a hollow cage structure. Inside these cages are exposed negative charges giving the Soft Zeolite it's unique properties. The charge, combined with the open molecular structure, allows it to magnetically pull containment away from the skin and trap them inside the Soft Zeolite to be then flushed away with water.

Uniquely New Zealand

The only place Soft Zeolite is found in the world is New Zealand. 

What makes Soft Zeolite unique compared to other Zeolites, is that it can be finely crushed and suspended in liquid while retaining all its cleansing and deodorising properties. 

This process has been Patented by the manufacturer of MagicMud. We use all natural ingredients to comply with international natural accreditation standards.

How to use:

After you've finished getting your hands nice and dirty, follow these easy steps to get clean soft great smelling hands. 

  1. Wet your hands thoroughly with water. This can be water out of the tap, river or salt water from the sea. By wetting your hands it helps activate the Soft Zeolite and make it work it's best.
  2. Grab your tube of MagicMud and squeeze of 50 cent size dollop of Mud in the middle of one palm. Now massage the Mud into your dirty skin. You will feel a grittiness which is the Soft Zeolite. This grit will help remove the tuff dirt and will leave your hands feeling incredibly smooth.
  3. Wash your hands thoroughly with water to remove all the MagicMud, dirt and smells away.

If you require additional cleaning repeat Steps One and Two again.


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