Magic Mud: Naturally Awesome Hand Cleaner (300gm)

Magic Mud: Naturally Awesome Hand Cleaner (300gm)

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We love to get our hands dirty! But when it came to getting them clean, there was never a natural hand cleaner grunty enough to clean those really dirty hands! Whether you have garden hands, fisher hands, handy hands, mum hands, kid hands or just hard-working hands and you want to clean your dirty hands - Magic Mud’s the go!

Magic Mud is a unique Naturally Awesome Hand Cleaner, using an active natural mineral called Soft Zeolite which cleans and deodorises naturally! Magic Mud contains Soft Zeolites only found in New Zealand. The Soft Zeolites have magic like properties that magnetically pull contaminates away from the skin, while the fine grains scrub your hands leaving them soft, clean and deodorised.

Magic Mud cleans ingrained grime, dirt and absorbs odours leaving the hands feeling fresh and supple. Tough enough to clean grease, oil, paint and is amazing at getting rid of the rankest smells off your hands! Magic Mud is the natural hand cleaner that you need.

Magic Mud is 100% natural and is great for the car, truck, boat, shed, kitchen, camp, barns, caravan, bbq, garage, laundry or anywhere you want to clean and deodorise your hands naturally! 


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